Interior Design Process

Below is the basic Design Process.
As every projects are unique and tailored, I will start to clarify that how scope of work would be.
I would like to discuss what you are thinking.
1. Research / Brief

Let’s start with a casual conversation!


I want you to feel comfortable to talk about your daily routine, why you want to change your interior, how you want to use your space and what you would like feel the space, so it can be designed in line with your daily life. Don't worry even if you don't have clear idea. Designing Interior is the journey to explore, and I am here to guide you.

Deep level of understanding is the key to create a space which express your individuality and makes you happy.

2. Concepts Design

After the initial conversation, I will then start preparing concepts. It is the core idea, the heart of whole design.


This stage starts with thinking what the best way to make your dream come true as well as the possibility of your home which will allow me to maximise the most of the space in your home.

We will then do the brainstorming on what can be done for the space in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Based on that, I will then create an actual Concepts Design presentation.

3. Design Development

This stage is about developing the whole design and preparing all the design details, including kitchen, bathroom, bespoke joinery, lighting plan, and FF&E (furniture, fixture and equipment) specification – all the things that make up your home and bring a smile to your face.


It is an essential stage to implement the concept into your house. 

4. On Site

It is the stage when the design comes into reality. I do coordinate the whole project and liaised with relevant trade people whenever it is necessary to make sure they are timely and meticulous.

5. Furnishing

Furnishing and decorating is the next stage that brings life and vibrancy into the house.

6. Completion / Beyond

Finally It is the time for you to enjoy your new Interior and life style!Paradoxically, completion is not yet the end.

Interior is something you will be changing little by little as the time goes by. It is my wish to build relationships with my clients so I can remain at your disposal for any upgrades and new room decorations to the existing interior in the years to come.

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