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Yoko Saito / 齊藤 洋子

Tel: +44 (0)7539 732510

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Originally born and grown up in Tokyo, Japan, I’ve lived and worked as an Interior Designer on three different continents and countries, such as Japan, Canada and UK. It had been my desire to live and study abroad since I was a child. I studied at British Colombia Institute of Technology, Interior Design Certificate Course (Vancouver, Canada), Chelsea College, the Arts of University London, Professional Certificate Course, Interior Design Module3 (London, UK). I also gained professional practice with each area.

It enriched me with sensibility to understand various people, their life styles and their residential needs.

As an Interior Designer, I provide design solution to each clients. They are how to use the space effectively, how to connect heritage and future, and the possibility of the space to satisfy clients needs.

Interior should be the personal space, reflects who you are, where you are from and where you are going to. It should make you comfortable, relax and satisfied.

I believe that Interior should be with "Philosophy" - Who you are.
My work is to explore this design process with you to using my professional experience and knowledge. 

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