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This is whole Interior Design Service such as new construction or renovation for residential for new house owner. 

Just purchased a property that needs a lot of work? Full renovation, extension or even loft conversion, is a great opportunity to significantly change your house, while adding the value to the property as well.



キッチン&バス リノベーション

Kitchen and Bath are the biggest and most complicated places to renovate but, by doing so, your daily life would significantly improve! My approach is not only to replace old items with the new ones but, more importantly, it is about adding an extra value to the property, and about an efficient and practical use of space.  


インテリアデザイナーによるキッチン、バスリノベーションは、単なる”新しい設備にしたリニューアル”ではなく、”叶えたいライフスタイルを実現するための、キッチンやバスという空間のリノベーション” です。​


Would you like to make your room more elegant or create relaxed bedroom? However, don't know what to do? This is the service for you. Let's add room the fresh look with professional decoration tips! I will consider your life style and what you have already got as well to achieve not only looking amazing but also very practical and functional your own space.




If you would like to update your interior, or you are not sure where to visit or what to buy, this service is for you.



Do you need more storage space or can't find right cabinet for your room? 

Bespoke cabinet is the best solution for that! It's tailored storage for your interior and belongings. I will give you advice what is the best solution to tidy the room, then design best cabinet for you. I also collaborate with professional skilled furniture maker. I will take care of from the first visit to installation. 



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